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Who We Are

The William Quinter Society was created in late 2015. The nonprofit was named in honor of Bill Quinter who worked in Canadian professional football for over fifty years. Behind the scenes he spent his time running youth football camps where young football players could develop their skills. From that, he created organizations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that still exist today and have helped thousands of young football players move on to post-secondary schools where they played football, but also earned degrees.

In 2016 I created the Best in Class football camps as a low-cost alternative to what was being offered to young football players at the time. The camps brought in the best players from all over the province to showcase their skills to university football programs across Canada and receive scholarships to attend those schools and earn their degrees.

Samwel’s Place

With the rise of COVID, we recognized the need to repurpose the Society’s mission. That led us to expand our reach beyond sports, and thus was born Samwel’s Place. Samwel Uko was a high school football star but he also an amazing young man with a very bright future ahead. Samwel graduated from high school and received a scholarship to play football at university. But he was fighting demons nobody else could see. In the summer of 2019, Samwel started hearing voices and those voices were becoming louder and darker.

One night in 2019, Samwel sought help for the voices, and he was rejected by the medical professionals who should have helped him. By the next morning, Samwel was gone. Samwel’s Place was created in his honor to give youth a safe place to go. A place to access resources and real-time help. A place to access mentors and a place to help aspiring youth, especially marginalized youth gain access to scholarships for post-secondary education. Samwel’s Place, under The William Quinter Society, will help young people (aged 13-24) develop and showcase their talents and earn scholarships through contests we will be running, as well as helping them source additional scholarships and grants from other sources.

Our program will be focusing on arts (music, writing, singing/songwriting, directing, video editing, acting), academics and community service, as well as all sports once they resume. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and mentoring as well. This includes teaching life skills such as resume/cover letter writing, job interview techniques, time management, managing money, and building credit. 

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