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Investing in Youth

At the William Quinter Society, our goal is to help youth, particularly marginalized youth, 

learn, grow, and achieve their dreams of having a better future.

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Samwel's Place

Helping Marginalised Youth Become the Best They Can Be

The William Quinter Society is a non-profit organization that supports youth, particularly marginalized youth, including BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, young women, at-risk youth, and youth dealing with mental health issues. Through these programs and services, we’re striving to change young lives for the better and help them achieve a brighter future.

Our Focus

We will be focusing our efforts on the arts, sports, academics, and community service. Our art program covers the following fields:

      • Writing
      • Songwriting
      • Acting

      • Video Editing
      • Music

      • Singing
      • Dance
      • Art


We help youth earn scholarships for post-secondary education through the contests that we run as well as through additional scholarships we offer that can be applied for annually.

Life Skills Development

We also provide support and mentoring in areas related to developing and improving life skills, such as crafting resumes and cover letters, learning interview techniques, managing time, managing money, building credit, etc.

Mental Health Support, Teaching, and Awareness

These services will be provided along with the complete contact information of experts in the field as well as links to support and resources regarding mental health, bullying, homophobia, hatred, and other related matters.